Frequently Asked Questions:  

Can you clean during business hours?

Unfortunately, no. All of our cleaning must be provided after hours. We find that trying to clean around your employees delays our process and is convenient for them. We require key access to the building in order to complete our services.  

Do you clean homes or residences?

No, our cleaning services are for professional spaces only.  

What about supermarkets, shopping centres, hotels, or builders?

These types of buildings require specialist cleaning services and sometimes multiple companies. We can offer some assistance in these properties, but this is not where we specialize. Contact us for more details.  

Will you clean every fortnight or month?
Although we can work under these conditions, we prefer to complete weekly cleaning services. This is more affordable for you since we are able to maintain standards and not need to deep clean at every service.
Are your cleaning products eco friendly?

Yes, everything we use to clean your space is PEFC certified and Australian made. This ensures that our products leave behind minimal residue or scent, making our cleaning both environmentally friendly and healthier for any employees with allergies.  

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