Stop Managing Your Custodial Needs Internally; Switch to Corporate Office Cleaning Services from Our Sydney Team

Benefits of cleaning services in Sydney are numerous.

Hiring a third party company to handle your business’s cleaning services in Sydney can deliver many benefits, from the financial to the logistical.

Simply put, maintaining an internal custodial team is something that most businesses just don’t need to do. From hiring custodians to handle cleaning to training new staff, all the way to keeping up with ordering cleaning supplies, cleaning is a hassle for most businesses that try to manage it internally. At Building Cleaning Services, we make life easier for our clients by taking the burden of cleaning out of their hands.

The Importance of Our Cleaning Services in Sydney

Simply put, Building Cleaning Services is a company that provides office cleaning services in Sydney. With more than 220 clients—many of them ongoing, regular contracts—we play an essential role in Sydney’s corporate world. Our services are important to our clients for several reasons, including:

  • We require nothing of our clients: Building Cleaning Services has been in business for more than 28 years, and many of our employees are long-time veterans. Simply put, we know how to do office cleaning. Once you hire us, we take care of the rest. From training to supervision to cleaning itself, we handle everything so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore.
  • We are fast: Speed is essential in the realm of commercial cleaning. You want your cleaners to be fast enough that they don’t get in the way, but also thorough enough to ensure adequate quality and hygiene standards. At Building Cleaning Services, we know the tricks of the trade, which means we can do the job at rapid speed without sacrificing quality. You’ll hardly know we are there at all!
  • We are dependable: When you hire a company to provide corporate cleaning services in Sydney, the most critical thing is dependability. You need a company that is going to do what they say they will without being supervised or checked. At Building Cleaning Services, we keep our end of the bargain, providing the services we signed up for consistency and reliability that allows you to focus on other things.

Problems that Building Cleaning Services Addresses

Companies that hire us for Sydney office cleaning services are looking for excellence and consistency across the board. Sometimes, cleaning companies fall short—a fact that has made some corporate leaders reluctant to go the third party cleaning route. Here are a couple of common pain points that our team at Building Cleaning Services solves for its clients:

  • Partial services: Cleaning an office is more than just vacuuming and wiping down the surfaces. Some cleaning companies—especially newer ones, or ones with a smaller staff and fewer resources—don’t provide truly comprehensive cleaning services. At Building Cleaning Services, we can do everything, from bathrooms and kitchens to window cleaning to carpet cleaning to rubbish removal.
  • Poor communication: At Building Cleaning Services, we won’t bother you often. However, we do like to stay in touch with our clients to monitor satisfaction and find out how we might do our job better. This focus on communication and improvement is something our clients genuinely appreciate.

If you are looking for a company that provides office focused cleaning services in Sydney, we hope you will give us a shot at Building Cleaning Services. To get a service quote from our team, contact us today.